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Personalized Stamp

"Personalized Stamp" service, started with the aim of providing a new aspect to philately andcreating source for postal administrations, was put into service on 25.10.2005 within the framework of the celebrations of Our Corporation's 165. Establishment Anniversary, as an innovation in Turkish philately.

The said objects can be on the purpose (of celebrating the establishment anniversary,remembering a certain event, introducing a commercial product, birthday, wedding anniversary, mother's day, father's day, graduation ceremony, souvenir, etc.).

Steps of Personalized Stamp

1-In order to make a personalized stamp application please provide a personalized stamp brochure.

2-Please choose the appropriate object for personalized stamp.

The stamp object of personalized stamp to be issued should be added to the application form. The stamp object should be the sizes of 3, 5X 2,5 cm horizantally and 2,8 X 3,3 cm vertically.

The quality of the photo should be in appropriate clearness for issuing the stamp with enough light and the digital copies be scanned at least 300 DPI and be saved in TIFF, JPEG, PSD etc. formats. If thestamp object is not appropriate for stamp issuing then the application shall be dismissed. In order to shorten the time; the CD registration of the object also should be added to the application.

It is permitted only one stamp object for each order. If there is a request for issuing the object of personalized object more than one, then there should be different applications for each photo and a contract should be signed.

The image should set in the midst according to the size of the photo. During the design of the stamp necessary changes could be made in order to improve the quality.

The objects of the issued stamps and delivered stamps to the customers should be saved in 3 years according to our legal regulation and therefore the objects are not delivered to the owners. Therefore; the original versions of the artistics paintings or caricatures should not be added photos of them are acceptable.

The address or phone number information is not allowed to place definitely on the personalized stamps. The requested inscripton except this should be determined.


The relevant places in the appication form of the personalized stamp and the contract on the pages 5. and 6. should be signed by the customer .

The signature part on 5th page belongs to PTT Corp., therefore it should be signed by the Head of Valuable Paper Department on behalf of the PTT Corp. and it should never been signed by the staff who accepts the order or the director of PTTMain Office.

4-Payment Procedure

The charge for the ordered personalized stamp is calculated according to the charge of the service + charge of the type of item by multiplying the number of ordered stamp, and the total amount determined according to this should be deposited to the personalized stamp postal cheque account numbered 899006.

The requested type of the item and the total number ofthe stamp should stated in the article of 2nd personalized stamp application form clearly.

*Orders should be at least the number of 50 ormultiples of 50.




The service charge for one stamp between 25-100 numbers

1 TL

The charge of type of item




The service charge for one stamp between 25 - 525 numbers


The charge of type of item



Stamp orders of 525 pieces or more, the service charge is


The charge of type of item


Customers should make the apllication to the PTToffices with the receipt of the charge and the signed personalized stamp brouchure.

In order your application and order to be valid;

  • It is compulsary to be filled and signed fully the personalized stamp application form and the contract.
  • Any of the following document's photocopies such as identity card, driving licence or passport should be added to the application.
  • If the customer is a public corporation then applicationis made by a public official with a copy of autorization document. In the caseof it is made by another official except the public official the autorization document given to the official should be added to the personalized stamp application.
  • If the customer is a natural person; then the applications should be made by the autorization document with list of authorized signatures or charged representative with the letter of attorney.
  • Therefore the document of trade registry for the companies and the document given by competent authorities for the other legalentities should be added to the application form. If the application is made by the person except the official of legal entity making the application then the letter of attorney should be added.
  • In order to trace the application; the receipt of cheque deposit and the label of EMS should be kept together.

6-The execution of the Order and delivery of the stamps

The applications made to the personalized stamp service are evaluated in the shortest time and are sent to the address statedon the application form. The delivery of the stamps to another person could be only made by submitting an autorization document or a letter of attorney.