Postal Parcel​

Postal parcel is one of the PTT's services which has compatible price, op​tional, secure and high quality to all countries in the world through plane(airway) or surface (highway, seaway, etc...) on the request of sender. By the IPS (International Postal Systems) program, tracking of your parcels can be carried out by electronic information Exchange.

The information transfer is done with 124 countries. All operations can be monitored from acceptance to delivery through this system, such as where the item is, where it has been lost and who is responsible.

You can track your parcel via internet in assender/addressee or in destination county. In case of loss, damage or infringement of cargo items, compensation is paid to the right holder within the specified limits according to the Universal Postal Union Acts.

The duration for inquiry relating to these items is limited with 6 monthsstarting from the day after it is posted.

Advice of Receipt Parcel

It is a kind of service, when your parcel is delivered, after this advice of receipt is signed by addressee and send it back to the sender.

Valued Parcel

It is kind of service which you can benefit against damage or loss risk. You can determine valued amount and this value shall not exceeded your parcel content's value. You can send valued parcels to the countries which provide valued parcel service. You can reach the upper value limits of countries by clicking on this link

Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is a kind of service that charge of the product within the content of parcel is collected from the addressee during the delivery and paid to the sender. In this case the charge of parcel shall be stated on the item. Cash on delivery parcels are delivered to addressee after cash on delivery amount is collected. Parcels from abroad to Türkiye can be delivered at PTT Center.

Forcash on delivery service for international parcels an agreement is required between

destination and origin countries, and by clicking on this link you can reach the names of countries, limits and currency which you can send parcel with this additional service.

Additional services may vary depending on the destination country.

Commercial Parcel Service

E-commerece products whose value do not exceed 7.500 Euro within the context of indirect representation and simplified procedure, are accepted without collecting any additional fee.

Customs declaration is given before the items are dispatched abroad.

On the request of customer customs decleration number is transmitted via e-mail. Customers can take their tax refunds from "Vedop " by this customs decleration number.