Within the context of TURPEX, papers, documents, souveniers, for a fee / free of charge international items and temporary export goods, products and publications to be introduced at fair and exhibitions, can be sent fast and safety way as TURPEX item.

Turpex is a item which owned by PTT Corp and it reached to addressee's within the responsibility of PTT.

Aforementioned items can be tracked from the "Tracking of International Items" tab currently and also if necessary all kind of packing materials and equipment can be provided by Our Corporation and it is possible to offer logistics service.

Mail box subscriber and postrestant items can not be accepted as turpex items.

This service does not include airplane additional service. Turpex items can be sent as insured items on the request of customer.

Compensation will be paid to the right holders in the case of loss, theft and damage.

The duration for inquiry relating to these items is limited with 6 months starting from the day after it is posted.

You can access the tariff information on www.turpex.com