Ptt Domestic Logistics Services


All domestic items which do not include correspondence items as a general rule and have a weight over 30 kg or a volume over 300 cubic decimeter are called "Postal Cargo"



Items which do not include correspondence items and have a weight over 30 kg or a volume over 300 cubic decimeter are called "Cargo".


a) Cash on Delivery

Items which are sent on the condition that item charge is collected from the addressee during the delivery and collected amount paid to the sender are called "Cash on delivery special service", and items which are include this special service are called "Cash on delivery item".

b) Delivery at PTT Office (PosteRestante)

According to the sender's request, items which are sent to the PTT offices as destination address with the expression of "Delivery at PTT Office" after the name and surname of the addressee without giving the address details of the addressee are called "Delivery at PTTOffice" special services.

c) Collection of Postal FeesFrom Addressee

According to the sender's request, making collection of total fees including shipment and if any fees related special services of domestic registered items from addressee is called "Collection of Post Charge from Addressee" special service.

This service can be requested for Registered EMS Courier items, but can notbe requested with cash on delivery special service.

d) Advice Of Receipt

Notifying sender about the delivery of item to thea ddressee or on the behalf of addresses by signing is called "Advice of Receipt Special Service". Items which are included advice of receipt special serviceare called Advice of Receipt Item".

e) Valued / Insured

You can send your postal cargo and cargo with a declaration of predication on the real value of item, with a special packing or closure method. It is called "valued or insured special service" item to which can be paid compensation up to the value that declared by sender in the case ofloss, theft and damage.

f) Controlled Delivery

On the request of sender, controlling the content of item by the receiver during the delivery is called "Controlled Delivery" special service.

g) Sending Returning Fee Included

Collecting of sending and returning of registered domestic items' postal and special service fees at the first acceptance and returning acceptance fee is free of charge is called "Sending Returning fee included special service", and items which are inclueded this special service are called "Sending Returning Fee Included Item".

h) Delivery to the Addressee

Items which are accepted with sender's "delivery to only its addressee" application and delivering item to addressee by signature is called "Delivery to the Addressee Special Service".

ı) Information viaTelephone

Transmitting the delivery status information of an item on the request of sender to land phone or cellphone is called "Information via Telephone Special Service".

i) Acceptance from Address

Acceptance postal items from sender's address by PTT in order to post them is called "Acceptance from Address Special Service".


1) Book Shipment Campaign

The transport process all shipments covering books, journals, magazines, newspapers, replicated copies and other materials, whether they are for commercial purposes or not, are implemented by our company against 5,00 TL for 0-250 gr, 7,00 TL for 251-500 gr, 9,00 TL for 501-1000 gr, and with 30% discount over the current tariff for the consignments above 1 kg in order to develop the habit of reading book and to contribute to developments in the field of education and culture.

It is not required that the sender be an individual for shipments covering assistance materials and books, journals, magazines, newspapers, replicated copies and other publication materials for which the destination is a school (the recipient will be a school). 

2) Family Friendly Campaign

In order to support the Action Plan for the Protection of Unity of Family in Türkiye, it is planned that cargo and EMS Couriers that family members will send to each other will be transported through our Company at a 10% discount.​