Corporate Ethics


​President of Ethical Council: Hüseyin TOK
Deputy of Director General
Member: İsamettin Tolga KARA
Head of Inspection Board​

Member: Arif ÖRSLÜ
First Legal Consultant​
Member: Ali Yaz​
Head of Human Resources Department


I. Our Ethical Policy

Performing our duty in accordance with the principles of impartiality, honesty and justice.

II. Our Vocational Ethical Principles

  • Consciousness of public service in performance of a duty: Participating, transparency, impartiality, honesty, protecting the public interest, accountability and fitness in service should guide our staff in performance of the services. They adopt an objective and clear service which provide social benefit in accordance with the appropriate service processes to changing conditions.

  • Consciousness of serving the community: In performance of the services staff of our company should aim at facilitating the daily life of the community, meeting public needs in the fastest and the most active and effective way, increasing the quality of the service, increasing the satisfaction of the community, focusing on the requirement of those benefiting from the service and on the results of services.

  • Compliance with the service standards: Staff of our company should perform the public services in accordance with the determined standards and processes, inform those benefiting from the services by giving essential explanatory information about the work and transactions during the service processes. They should aim at continuous improvement of determined service standards by considering the expectations of customers.

  • Commitment to the Objective and Mission: Staff of our company should behave in accordance with the objectives and mission of Post and Telegraph Corporation, they should act as the service in compliance with the service ideals of the company contribute the mission and vision of our company at high level.

  • Honesty and Impartiality: In all their actions and transactions, staff of our company should act in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, justice, equity and honesty, they can not act as focus on benefits or damages of any person or groups. They can not discriminate with reasons such as language, religion, philosophical belief, political belief, race, gender etc. while performing their duty or providing services. They can not act in a human rights violating or restricting way and can not behave in a way obstructing the equal opportunity. They should act according to this while providing services of its duty. They should use their discretionary authority in accordance with public interest and the awareness of the importance of the social benefit.

  • Respectability and confidence: Postal and Telegraph Corporation is one of the most eminent companies in Turkey with its nearly two centuries of history and established corporate tradition. During this long history, corporate identity and respectability have been built on who has been offered service through the superior corporate virtues such as the services of our company have been performed even in exceptional period and have been adhered to the awareness of offering public service. Maintaining and developing of this corporate respectability, corporate image and identity with the same sensitivity is one of the prior task of the staff of our company.

  • Staff of our company should avoid behaviors that harm the sense of confidence of the community for the public service, raise doubts and impair the principle of justice.
  • Staff of our company should act in accordance with the requirements of the service having the consciousness that serving the community is above all sorts of personal and private interests, they cannot misbehave to those who benefit from the service, neglect their work, perform double standard and be partial.

  • Decency and respect: Staff of our company should be polite and respectful and give necessary attention to the personel of the company and those who benefiting from the service, if the subject is out of their authority they should direct them to the relevant unit or authorized.

  • Notification to the competent authorities: Staff of our company, in the case that their acting against the principles of ethical behavior which are determined in this Regulation or their carrying out illegal transactions or actions is demanded or when they learn or see such actions or transaction while performing their service, should notify the situation to the competent authorities. Competent authority should keep the identity of the personel who notifies within the relevant Regulation and take necessary steps in order to avoid any harm.

  • Avoiding conflict of interest: Staff of our company have personal responsibility in the conflict of interest, they can not be a part of the conflict of interest.

  • Not using the duty and authorities to derive benefits: Staff of our company cannot derive benefit in favor of themselves, their relatives or of the third persons by using their duty, title and authority within or witthout their duty and cannot intercede.

  • Staff of our company can not provide any benefit out of wages and other employee rights in acknowledgement of performing public service.

  • Staff of our company, when they are on duty or they leave the duty, cannot use the official or secret information they acquired during performance of their duty or as a result of these duties in order to derive economical, political or social benefits for themselves, for their relatives or for third persons directly or indirectly, cannot explain this information to any institution and organization except from the competent authorities.

  • Prohibition of receiving gifts and deriving benefits: Staff of our company can not accept gifts directly or indirectly which are whether having economical value or not and which affect or have the possibility to affect the performing of their duties, impartiality, performance and decisions.

  • Staff of our company, can not give gifts by using public resources on the issues without the task and service and can not send wreath and flowers to real or legal persons except for the official days, ceremonies and festivals.

  • Making use of public domain and sources: Staff of our company can not use the public buildings, vehicles and other public domains and sources except for the public objectives and service requirements and can not have them used. They protect them and take necessary precautions to maintain them available for service at any moment.

  • Avoiding extravagance: Staff of our company should avoid wastefulness and extravagance in using the public buildings, vehicles and other public domains and sources, behave in an effective, productive and economical while using the time, public domain, sources, labor force and opportunities.

  • Binding explanations and factitious statement: While performing their duty, staff of our company can not make a misleading and factitious statement by exceeding their authority and can not make explanation, engagement, promise or attempts binding the company. Each staff of our company are impressible and sensitive while performing all their transactions and services. While performing, they take as principle of no savings in excess of the requirements of the position and conduct their services.

  • Notification, transparency and participation: Staff of our company should help the community to exercise their right to receive information. They should submit the information and documents upon the demand of natural and legal persons duly apart from the exceptions determined in The Law numbered 4982 on Right to Information.

  • Staff of our company should pay attention to provide that those who will be directly or indirectly affected from the decision unless there is a contrary legal provision contribute to one or some of the stages of the preparation of fundamental decisions on public services, maturation, decision taking and application of these decisions.

  • Managers' liability to render account: All staff of company especially managers, while performing public services can render account about their responsibilities and liabilities and they are always open and prepared for the public evaluation and audit.

  • Managers o our company should be accountable and act with objective criteria while performing the services and staff.

  • Managers of our company take the precautions required by their duty and authority in order to obstruct the transactions or actions that are inappropriate to the objectives and policies of the company on time.

  • Managers of our company should take necessary steps in order to avoid the staff under his/her authority from corruption.

  • Managers of our company with the view of their life, behaviour and business conscious are model for other staff, provide appropriate training on ethical behavior principles and observe whether they abide by these principles and guide about the ethical behavior.

  • Declaring property: Staff of our company should declare of property of the movable and unmovable goods, loans and credits belonging to themselves, their spouses and children under their custody as per The Law on numbered 3628 Declaring Property and Anti-Bribery and Corruption.

  • Fair workload distribution: Manager of our company provide business processes and designs, effectiveness of the services provided, productive and efficient use of resources, for target audience/external customers utilisation of the services as; according to this they organise that the staff will perform services as required, thus the service organization and composition in our company fair workload distribution is based on both effectiveness of carrying out services without any setback and protection of the rights.