Pre-Loaded Pttcard

​What is Pre-Loaded PTTcard?

These are Pre-Loaded PTTcards issued in the names of beneficiaries who receive social aid payments through our Corporation.

With Pre-Loaded PTTcard beneficiaries can get their social aid payments from PTTmatics and also from bank ATMs without waiting in line and can use it for shopping domestically/ abroad.

How can I know my social aid payment transfer to the Pre Loaded PTTcard?

When the social payment is deposited to beneficiary's PTTcard, they receive an SMS to their registered cellphone on the amount information of the social aid. None of the fees such as annual fee, transaction fee, security fee, etc. is charged for Pre-Loaded PTTcard.

How can I get Pre Loaded PTTcard? 

Pre-Loaded PTTcards are handed to beneficiaries at PTT offices with the fırst social aid payments they receive.