What is PttMatik?

PttMatik is an ATM machine that continuously serves our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

 What are the transactions available on a PttMatik? 

Our customers are offered cash withdrawal-deposit, bill payment, salary payment and HGS balance deposit services, PTTBank transactions as well as the transactions of other partner banks, without having to wait in lines. 

Transactions Available for Pttkart
Cash Deposit-Withdrawal-Transfer from and to PTTBank Account  Türk Telekom Bill Payment
PTTBank Account Balance Inquiry Water Bill Payment 
PTTKart Password ChangeHGS Balance Deposit
View and Print the Last 10 Transactions Mobile TL Deposit
Retirement Pension and Social Aid Payments Update Personal Information (Phone Number)
Partner Bank Credit Card Payment Official Charge Payments, Donation Transfers
Partner Bank Individual Credit Payment Search for the Nearest PttMatik
GSM Bill PaymentReceive Mobile Money Transfers
ADSL Bill Payment Avon Online Payment
Natural Gas Bill Payment Motor Vehicle Tax
Electric Bill Payment 


Cash and Cardless Transactions Available at a PttMatik


Deposit Cash to PTTBank AccountHGS Balance Deposit
Türk Telekom Bill PaymentSearch for the Nearest PttMatik
ADSL Bill PaymentPartner Bank Transactions
Electric Bill PaymentPttCell TL Deposit
GSM Bill PaymentMobile Money Transfers
Water Bill Payment Avon Online Payment
Natural Gas Bill Payment Motor Vehicle Tax


Transactions Available for Other Domestic Banking Services


Cash Withdrawal
Balance Inquiry
Cash Deposit
Credit Card Debt Payment
Credit Card Debt Inquiry
Credit Card Limit Inquiry


Transactions Available for the Cards of Foreign Banks
Cash Withdrawal


Transactions Available for Social Aid Cards
Cash Withdrawal
Balance Inquiry
Password Change


Transactions Available for İninal Card
Cash Deposit
Balance Inquiry
Password Change

How many PttMatiks are available for our customers?

Across the country, there are 3573 PttMatiks available to our customers while PttMatiks serve our citizens at 79 locations without any other bank ATMs.

Where can I find a list of PttMatik locations?

You can click here for a list of PTT Offices that have PttMatiks available.