PttPOS Product

PttPOS Product
With the PttPos product, all member businesses can accept payments by credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards, except cash.

PttPOS Banking application developments have been completed for the most common cash register pos brands in the sector for the PttPOS product.

PttPos Banking Application can be installed on Vera, Ingenico, Hugin and Verifone cash register POS devices. PttPOS service can also be provided to our member merchants with Eft-POS devices.

You can visit the nearest PTT workplace to take advantage of PttPOS with special for you commission rates.

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PttPOS Profitable POS Packages

Profitable POS packages are provided to our customers who do not want to work with the commissioned model from our member merchants using our PttPOS product, and who want to work with a single fee deduction without pos costs such as pos fee, account management fee, inactivity fee, inefficiency fee.

With PttPOS Profitable POS Packages, transaction amounts are transferred to the accounts of our merchants the next day, As long as there is no package overrun, there is no fee deduction other than the package fee.

You can visit PTT Office to examine the Profitable Pos packages special for you.



PTT Virtual POS

PttPOS provides you Virtual POS service with special commission rates as well as physically provided pos service.  Virtual POS is the non-physical form used when paying with credit and debit cards for shopping on the internet.

Advantages of Virtual POS

a)      It is the most effective method known for online sales.

b)      Especially, it increases sales in retail.

c)      It allows the company to expand from a local market to wider markets, even abroad.

d)      It positively affects the image of the company and its competitive power.

e)      It allows shopping in a much shorter time than the traditional sales process.

f)       This saving in time increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

g)      It transfers and stores information about sales to the database.

h)      Security is extremely high in shopping made with virtual POS.

You can visit the nearest PTT Office to take advantage of the Ptt Virtual POS.


Common POS

Our customers working with Vakıfbank and Halkbank and using the Bank's eft-pos device can benefit from the privilege of being a PttPOS member merchant by having our PttPOS application installed on their eft-pos devices.