Subscription and Application Transactions​



Pttcell new number activation, subscription transfer and spare sim card transactions can be done in 1300 PTT main offices listed in table. You can have detailed information on Pttcell transactions and tariffs from call center 444 6 788 or visit website

Click the link for offices which Pttcell subscriptions can be done.

Gate to E-State

Gates of state which is always open (E-State Gate), is now wide open to citizens.

With your password acquired as a part of E-State project, through website, you may log in, have detailed information on services offered, do many transactions like traffic transactions or military service roll call online.

By this way e-State password acquired from all PTT main offices and authorized offices, will change your life and make it easier.
Important points on application for "e-State Gate" password envelopes which will grant access to presentation of public services on a common platform (portal) and state services in a secure and efficient electronic medium:

  • You can acquire e-State Gate password envelope from all PTT main offices and authorized offices for 2 TL by applying with a valid id which has T.R. citizen's number on it (T.R. Id, Driver's License, Marriage License, Passport, and Lawyer's Id). Ids other than the listed will not be accepted.
  • In addition since 20.07.2012 acquisition of e-State Gate password envelope by guardian and trustee has been started. During transaction, you need to present trustee's id and notarized document stating that trustee has authorization to commit and acquire e-State Gate password in the name of proxy giver. Guardian needs to present id and certified copy of court decision that appoints him as guardian. However the statement of authorization to acquire e- e-State Gate password, is not required in the custody document.
  • New password request for second or more times will be granted for 4 TL in cases of forgetting, loosing etc. the password.
  • Türksat e-State Gate transactions has been started in PTT offices (which has more than one staff and laser printer) authorized by Regional Directorates.
  • Id photocopy is not required during the transactions.
  • People who end their citizenship willingly according to law 5901, can acquire e-Devlet Gate password by presenting (Mavi Kart) id issued for use of rights given by law 5203 and a valid id of the new citizenship country. T.R. citizens who live abroad can acquire e-State Gate password envelopes from Turkish Embassies.

With the 3. Article in the end ; T.R. citizens who are over 18 and can't read/write, are blind, are handicapped and are in similar condition can acquire e-State Gate password envelope by presenting a valid id.