Subscription and Application Transactions​



Pttcell new number activation, subscription transfer and spare sim card transactions can be done in 1300 PTT main offices listed in table. You can have detailed information on Pttcell transactions and tariffs from call center 444 6 788 or visit website

Click the link for offices which Pttcell subscriptions can be done.

E-State Service

With the password received within the scope of the e-State project, you can log in with your e-State password at, get detailed information about the services provided, perform many operations on the Internet, from traffic operations to military service roll call.

Therefore, the e-State password obtained from PTT Centers and authorized PTT Branches will change and make your life easier.

You can get it from our PTT Centers and authorized PTT branches for 2 TL. In case a password is requested for a second or more times for forgetting the password, losing it, etc. reasons, 4 TL is charged for the new password.

The following are the points to be considered in the "e-State Service" password operations, which provide secure and effective access to government services electronically and the presentation of public services through a single gate (portal) on a common platform.

Issuing e-State Passwords to Foreigners:

An e-State password can be given to foreigners who have an identification number starting with 98 and 99. 

In the process of issuing passwords to foreigners; submission of any of the following documents


  • Residence Permit Certificate,
  • Temporary Protection Permit
  • International Protection Applicant/Status Holder Identity Document
  • Stateless Person Identity Document
  • ID Card of Foreign Mission Personnel

Shall be enough. Foreigners who request an e-State password from our workplaces by submitting any of these documents will not be asked to submit any other documents.

A foreigner who requests an e-State password from counters at PTT workplaces by submitting a work permit will additionally be asked to present a valid passport.

Issuing E-State Passwords to Turkish Citizens:

The documents needed for e-State password delivery operations for Turkish citizens  over 15 are listed below, and it is sufficient to submit any of them. (on condition that they bear Turkish Identity Number and a photo)

    • Identity Card
    • Turkish ID card
    • Driving licence
    • Passport
    • Valid Temporary Identity Document Issued by the Civil Registry
    • The Blue Card

Password delivery cannot be made to citizens of the Republic of Türkiye who do not turn the age of 15.

In cases where a blue card cannot be submitted; any of the official identity documents with photos issued by the state of the person (passport, driver's license, identity card, etc.) is required to be submited.

Password Delivery Operations to Guardian and Proxy:

When receiving the e-State password by power of attorney, a notarized power of attorney containing the phrase “he/she is authorized to get the e-State password and make a commitment on behalf of the proxy giver for the purpose of receiving the password" and the identity of the proxy holder must be submitted.


When getting the e-State password through the guardian; the guardian should submit;

  • Valid identity document,
  • The identity information of the person to whom the guardian has been assigned (no need for the original identity),
  • A certified copy of the court decision on his/her appointment as a guardian.

E-State Password Delivery at the Residence

Real persons aged 65 years and over who have never received an e-State password before, can apply for the delivery of password papers at their addresses over ​