International Money Transfer via Global Odeme Hizmetleri at PTT Offices 

The International Money Transfer Transactions via Global Odeme Hizmetleri have been active since September 2020 at all PTT offices. 

You may receive money sent from abroad via Global Odeme Hizmetleri, from all PTT offices. 

The service of sending money to abroad via Global Odeme Hizmetleri will be active in our offices in the soonest time. 

You may receive your money as US Dollar/Euro or Turkish Lira if you visit the nearest PTT office by filling out the Payment Form available at the PTT Offices with your valid identity document (ID Card, Driver’s Licence, Passport, Residence Permit) with the reference number of the amount coming from abroad to your name. 


You may contact with Global Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. via this phone number +90 212 252 77 77​