Domestic Money Order Service​

By applying to our any workplaces you can send money order instantly to the name or the address which you want, even If you want, money order can be paid at the addressee's address.

In the case of having postal cheque account and by applying for interactive usage in our offices you can make this transaction by PTTBank Internet Banking​ transaction at your home or office with your computer or mobile phone.

Money orders that you send, will transmitted to the destination through on-line.

You can send your money orders in USD or EURO.

Additional services that performed to money orders are;

Delivery At the Address: If you request, money orders up to a certain limit (for today 5.000 TL) can be paid at the addressee's home.

Postrestant (Delivery at PTT workplaces): You can send your money order to every PTT workplaces which you want.

Informed By Telephone: With this additional service if you request; you can give the telephone number of the addressee with the address so that he is informed he has a money order.

  • You can access domestic money order transaction fees from here ​​