PTT Insurance Transactions

For now transactions under names of HDI Insurance, Ankara Anonim Türk Insurance, AIG Insurance and Ray Insurance are done in this platform and we are working on to present you alternatives by increasing the number of companies.

What is PTT Insurance?

PTT Insurance is a platform in which all kinds of insurance services are provided to PTT customers.
PTT Insurance aims to provide PTT customers

Affordable insurance products,

With the widest variety

And with the easiest way.

It provides the best option for customers' needs and budgets by presenting comparative offers of many insurance companies. It provides customer services 24/7 via call center 444 10 50.

PTT Insurance aims to widen extend of insurance in Turkey by reaching out the masses who are not familiar with insurance concept.

PTT customers can have these services via PTT offices.

How do I get Insured?

Step 1: Visit nearest PTT office.

Step 2: Apply to teller/official for most suitable insurance for you.

Step 3: Make your payment with suitable options.

Congratulations, you are now insured with the assurance of PTT!

Other Insurance Transactions

Policy Sales;

Either you seek to make compulsory insurance policy or a voluntary one, you don't need to check for prices from all insurance companies.

With its wide office network, through main offices and offices in places where there aren't any insurance agencies; PTT offers not only for compulsory insurances, with a wide range of products: Life, Personal Accident etc. and chance to choose Company for your insurance policies.

Visit nearest PTT main office and have information on variety of our products, and you can have insurance for any product you like in a few minutes.

Individual Accident, Yearly Life, Unemployment Insurance in the name of Deniz Emeklilik ve Hayat Sigorta A.Ş.

Compulsory Traffic and Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (DASK) insurance in the name of Ergoisviçre Insurance.

Sale of Individual Accident Insurance Policy is done in PTT main offices in the name of Ergo Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş.

Insurance Premiums Collection

Insurance Premiums Collection: Path to a premium future passes from PTT.

You can invest in your future, guarantee future of you and your loved ones by making premium payments of Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik and Yapı Kredi Emeklilik via PTT.

In addition collection of contribution and other payments of Groupama Emeklililik A.Ş.has been started in all of our offices.

Special Offers
Our special offers will be published in our website occasionally.
Our Products

"AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE (KASKO)" Affordable automobile insurance that suits your car in PTT offices!

With automobile insurance you can take advantage of tow truck and car rental services free of charge while protecting your vehicle from traffic accidents you may encounter and your budget. You can buy automobile insurance which also protects your vehicle against many risks like fire, theft, etc. with the assurance of Sigortayeri for a suitable price from nearest PTT office.

"TRAFFIC INSURANCE" Take out your compulsory traffic insurance policy now, drive safe in traffic!

No matter how safe you drive, you may cause undesired accidents in traffic. It is compulsory to take out the Traffic Insurance policy that will compensate the damages done to other parties in traffic accidents. Vehicles which don't have insurance or insurance is expired; are banned from traffic.

Take out your traffic insurance policy or renew it with the assurance of Sigortayeri from nearest PTT office right now and feel safe in traffic.

"EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE" Compulsory Earthquake Insurance in PTT offices!

Turkey is high risk country for earthquakes because of its geographical location. That's why Earthquake insurance has been compulsory; it has been started to require it as a prerequisite for electricity, water and natural gas subscriptions.

In order to endure the earthquake disaster and afford the expenses afterwards take out your Compulsory Earthquake Insurance policy with the assurance of Sigortayeri from nearest PTT office right now.

"CANCER INSURANCE" Don't spend fortunes on your health!

Our greatest fortune is our health. Unfortunately while living, we spend our health and spend our wealth for our health. If you say that "my most precious treasure is my health ", come to the nearest PTT office and take out your Cancer Insurance policy with the assurance of Sigortayeri. Start protecting your health starting from now, don't spend a fortune later!

"NAZAR (EVIL EYE) INSURANCE"You take precaution, and Evil Eye Bead is our gift to you!

You sprain your ankle while climbing the stairs. These unexpected bad surprises brings unwanted medical expenses with them. It is really simple and cheap to take precautions against this type of risks you may encounter in your daily life. Come to the nearest PTT office and take out your Nazar Insurance policy with the assurance of Sigortayeri and a suitable price. Live your life as you will, don't be affected by the evil eye.

"FURNITURE INSURANCE"Need of every home, Furniture Insurance!

Either you are single or married; either you are home owner or tenant... We are taking your furniture under protection against unexpected risks like theft, fire, and earthquake. Furniture Insurance is waiting for you at the nearest PTT office with the assurance of Sigortayeri and a suitable price

"WALLET INSURANCE" Maaşınız PTT İşyerlerinde, Güvencesi Sigortayerinde!

You can withdraw money without fear of pick pocketing in PTT offices. For protection of your money, credit and bank cards, ids and other personal documents against risks of theft or being lost; just stop by to the nearest PTT office.

"PEACE INSURANCE"We are insuring peace of your family!

Blind accidents, injuries, unexpected diseases or thefts are occasions which none of us wishes to encounter. But not everything goes in life as we desire. It is in your hands now to take precautions against all these risks and protect your family. Come to the nearest PTT office and take out your Peace Insurance policy with the assurance of Sigortayeri and a suitable price. Then the rest is to plan joyful days with your family.