Fast Transit System (FTS/HGS)

Customer Services
  • FTS Customers can check their passage information through highways and bridges and their credits in the device by subscribing to Customer Services Site.
  • You can check any violations related to car registry plate through the Customer Services Site without subscription.
  • There is detailedinformation in the Customer Services Site on FTS such as classification ofvehicles according to brand and model, FTS subscription for heavy vehicle, easydevice installation guide, frequently asked questions.
  • Click the link to reach FTS Customer Services Site.

    Product Services
  • In PTT Offices product sale and buying credits can be done with Cash, Postal Cheque Account, PTTBonus Credit Card for sticker and card type FTS devices.
  • For FTS products bought from PTT Offices automatic payment order can be given by Postal Cheque Account, PTTBonus Credit Card.
  • You can buy credits with device number for FTS products bought from PTT Offices through PTTMatics by cash or from account.
  • Information update for the products bought from PTT Offices can be made.
  • Balance transfer of the KGS owners to FTS products can be made by application with necessary documents.
  • The cancelling of products bought from PTT Offices can be made.
  • After the cancellation of the product remaining credit balance in the product can be paid 1 (one) moth after the cancellation date with the application of the owner from all PTT Offices.
  • Credit transfer between products bought from PTT Offices can be made.
  • Sticker type product is 5 TL and card type product is 15 TL in PTT Offices. Customers must buy credits with products other than the device cost.
  • Points for Product and Credit Sales
  • FTS product and credit sales can be made from all PTT Offices, agreed GSM companies, agreed agencies, agreed gas stations and agreed banks.
  • You can buy creditsonline from ePTTAVM for products bought from PTT Offices.

  • 33 PTT Offices on Highway Where FTS Product and Credit Sales can be made:

  • On Niğde-Şanlıurfa Highway: Adana West, Adana East, İskenderun, Gaziantep West, Şanlıurfa, Mersin Stations.
  • On Ankara-Edirne Highway: Akıncı, Edirne, Çorlu, Babaeski, Adapazarı, Gerede, Çamlıca, Boğaziçi köprüsü, Gebze, Dilovası, Kandıra, FSM Bridge, Kınalı, Hadımköy, Avcılar, Mahmutbey Stations.
  • On İzmir-Aydın-Çeşme Highway: Aydın, Belevi, Çeşme, Germencik, Işıkkent, Narlıdere Stations.

  • FTS Agreed Banks :


  • Agreed Gas Stations:

  • PETROL OFİSİ, SHELL, BP, OPET, TPPD, TOTAL authorized stations.
  • Right to Information and Corrections

    All corrections, inspections and objections related to FTS passage and violation information are carried out by General Directorate of Highways (KGM), you can make your request related to FTS passages to and KGM FTS call center 444 11 17 .

    If you think that your station of entry is set wrong, you can send an email to

    In addition you can reach customer services via phone numbers 444 17 88 (PTT) and 444 11 17 (KGM).

    You can have detailed information on FTS and penalties for passage violations from the web site .