Ptt Loan Payments

  • Ptt Loan Transactions 


    For your loan transactions

    ·         You fill out the application forms in our Office.

    ·         Information in your application form is sent to the bank over system which you want to take loan and in a short while a response is received whether your loan is approved or not.

    ·         In case of approval you sign the Individual Loan Contract finalizing the transaction and you can withdraw your loan from PTT in that instance. 


    For the Cash Consumer Loans transactions of retirees who receive their pensions (Retirement Fund, Social Security Organization for Artisans, SSI) from PTT; 

    ·         Interest rate is 2,69% between 1.250 TL-80.000 TL for 3 - 36 months credit periods.

    ·         For all credit periods and amounts %0,5 credit allocation fee is charged.

    ·         The maximum credit period is 36 months

    ·         The maximum amount of loan is 80.000 TL and the minimum amount of loan is 1.250 TL

    ·         Retirees who are under age of 80 and receive their pensions from PTT could be granted loans. The sum of customer's age and loan period may not exceed 83 (E.g. an 80 year old retiree cannot be granted a loan with 4 year period but can be granted a loan with 3 year period.) 

    Interest rates for TL Cash Consumer Loans to retirees who receive their pensions from PTT are updated as below. 

    Table of rates and transaction fee ; 

    Loan amountPeriodRateMonthly Loan RepaymentLife InsuranceCredit Allocation FeeTotal Annual Cost
    10.000,00 TL36 months2,69%473,75 TLYes52,50 TL47,0218%


    In the loan application a life insurance will be issued. Insurance charges are not standardized and may vary accordingly with the age, gender of the customer, amount and period of loan. 


    Exemplary table of Monthly Loan Repayment

    LOAN AMOUNT122436
    1.250,00 TL127,29 TL75,63 TL59,22 TL
    5.000,00 TL509,17 TL302,54 TL236,88 TL
    10.000,00 TL1.018,34 TL605,07 TL473,75 TL
    20.000,00 TL2.036,69 TL1.210,14 TL947,51 TL
    30.000,00 TL3.055,03 TL1.815,21 TL1.421,26 TL
    40.000,00 TL4.073,37 TL2.420,28 TL1.895,01 TL
    50.000,00 TL5.091,71 TL3.025,35 TL2.368,76 TL
    60.000,00 TL6.110,06 TL3.630,42 TL2.842,52 TL


    Important Notice: All of the monthly loan repayment dates are set as the day customers' pension paydays. Any interest that may occur due to delaying of the first monthly repayment to the date of payday will be added to the amounts above.