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1840 The Ministry of Post was established

1855 Directorate of Telegraph was established

1871 The Ministry of Post and The Directorate of Telegraph where merged

1901 Money order transactions were started to be accepted

1909 After the commencement of the telephone services, the institution was turned into the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone 

1939 As being the General Directorate of PTT, it was bounded to The Ministry of Transportation

1984 It was transferred into the status of State Economic Establishment

1995 The General Directorate of PTT was restructured as The General Directorate of Posts and Turkish Telecommunication Coop.
Automation was started for money order and postal cheque transactions

1999 Cooperation was started with Garanti Bank (Korfezbank) for collection transactions

2000 The name of the legal entity, The General Directorate of Posts  was changed into The General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization.

2004 PTTBank’s name was registered officially.

As the result of the developments that have been experienced with the Firman of Reform, the first Postal Organization was established as the Ministry on 23 October 1840, for the purpose of satisfying the postal needs of the whole community of the Ottoman Empire and of foreigners.

The first Post-Office was opened under the name of "Postahane-I Amire" ( Department of Post-Office) at the courtyard of Yeni Camii (Mosque) in İstanbul, and the first officials, Süleyman Ağa, collector Sofyalı Ağyazar were appointed as translators in order to translate the addresses of postal items written in languages other than Turkish.

11 years later, following the invention of telegraph in 1843, telgraph service had been started also in our country, and a separate Directorate of Telegraph had been established in 1855 in order to provide this service.

In 1871, the Ministry of Post and the Directorate of Telegraph where united under the name of Ministry of Post and Telegraph. 

In 1876 international postal transportation network had been established, and in 1901, parcel and money order were started to be accepted.

After the establishment of the first manual telephone exchange in Istanbul on 23 May 1909, the Ministry of Post and Telegraph was turned into the Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone in 1909 and it took the name of the General Directorate of Post, Telegraph and Telephone  in 1913.

The General Directorate of PTT which had served as subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the early years of our Republic, became subordinate to the  Ministry of Public Works an Settlement as an annexed budget administration in 1933, and since 1939 has been carrying out its services as subordinate to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

General Directorate of PTT, which became a State Economic Enterprise (SEE) in 1954, has been transferred into the status of the State Economic Establishment (SEE) by the Decree Law No. 233 on Reorganization of the State Enterprises in 1984.

By the Law dated 18.06.1994 and No. 4000,  the General Directorate of PTT was restructured and divided into two as, the General Directorate of Posts and Turk Telecom Coop. , and the General Directorate of Posts  started to give service  independently since 24.04.1995.

The name of Our Administration which had been "The General Directorate of Posts" was amended as "The General Directorate of  Post and Telegraph Organization  (PTT) " under the Article 24 of the Law No.4502, which  entered into force by being published in the Official Newspaper numbered 23948, dated 29.01.2000.