Philately and Postage Stamps
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Information on Postage Stamps and Philately

Authority to issue Postage Stamps on behalf of the Republic of Turkey has been vested in General Directorate of PTT under the Law No.5584. Our Administration with this authority vested by law, issues continuous postage stamps, official postage stamps as well as commemoration stamps and surplus value commemoration stamps.

Circulation of continuous and official postage stamps is determined according to the needs.

Continuous postage stamps; they are issued usually in two colors and in numerous quantity under the said name for the payment of postal rates. On these stamps such subjects , mainly Atatürk, as Turkish Famous Scholars, Anatolian plants, wild flowers etc. and the are used.

Official postage stamps; postage stamps that are printed pursuant to Article-21 of the Postal Law No.5584 for using in payment of all postal rates of all kinds of mails posted by the national budget, annexed budget and private budgeted organizations, municipalities and their administration and institutions.    

Stamps for commemoration; stamps on which generally picture and motives pertaining to the particular event or person are printed thereon for commemoration. Primarily being our historical, social and cultural heritages, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1000th anniversaries of significant events occurred in Turkey and abroad, and various subjects, mainly such as famous persons, tourism heritages, endemic plants and animals are being included. Commemmoration Stamps for are issued on 20 different subject at most by our Administration within a year. Circulation of commemoration stamps is 250.000, and this quantity is fixed. Commemoration stamps and commemoration blocks remain for sale until they are finished.

Surplus Value Commemoration Stamps; they are issued twice a year by our Administration. Surplus values available on these stamps are not valid in payment of postage rates, but amount of such values are paid to the Red Crescent and Social Services, Children Care Association at the end of the year pursuant to the Law dated 9.6.1958 and No.7127. Such stamps remain in for sale until they are finished. Circulation of stamps with surplus value and commemoration blocks is 100.000.

Stamp issuing programs; are prepared annually. In selection of subjects to be included in the program, assorted proposals and recommendations received from Ministries, Presidency of the General Staff, Universities, Foundations and Associations, Public sector, anniversaries of important events determined by our section and various subjects are evaluated by a commission so created and given its final shape. Stamp issuing program in its final shape after approval by the related Ministry on behalf of the Republic of Turkey is notified to philatelists within Turkey and abroad and postal offices.

Later on pictures of stamps are prepared according to their dates of issue for sale. Along with such materials as slide, photograph in pictures of stamp, pictures and graphics that were made generally by artists are used. For the purpose of using in preparation of pictures for stamps, documents related with the subject are provided from the institutions applied for issue of stamps. Along with stamps the first and special day covers are also prepared and put up for sale by our Administration. Our another service is the first and special day postmarks.