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Project On Financial Services At Single Point / 20.02.2013

PTT has a Project on financial services offered at a single point which  provides opportunity on convenient transaction, and fast-affordable access especially to the elderly, lower income and disabled citizens. There were too many service providers before this Project and citizens suffered a lot. With this Project, citizens  are  saved from going hundreds of diffrent locations for differend services and now they are  able to make all financial transactions at one single point. Due to deficit of the banks it was decided to close down the branch offices and citizens were forced to go the big settlements in order to be served. This financial gap has been closed and service is now provided all over the country  in both rural and urban areas by PTT.


Currently, at 1536 locations where there are no bank branches at all, only PTT is available. If this Project has not been implemented, citizens living in these 1536 locations would be forced go to the big settlements to make  their financial transactions.

Due to this Project, citizens are saved from  the cost of many expenses and they do not waste time on transportation. Therefore, traffic jam and environmental pollution have been prevented.

The first step of this project is to expand the automated post offices of infrastructure to the most remote areas of the country. PTT has automated all post offices that were not automated before. Financial postal services can be made within seconds and can be reached at a single service point and PTT has also established information automation system. The number of computers was increased to 32700 while it was 5000 before. The number of automated post offices was increased from 882 to 4500, so that financial transactions can be carried out in all wor places, e-government service were also started and the integration with institutions is provided.


One of the most important factor of this Project is that PTT prioritizes customers by reducing paper work. Numerous documents which were requested before in transactions such as money order, collection of postal cheques, transfers, collections were cancelled and merged into a single document.

PTT has now become the center of financial services for customers and private and public enterprises.

Another step of this Project is cooperation between institutions. Before this Project; 10 types of transactions were made with 7 institutions,  today there up to 256 types of transactions with 203 institutions. Such as;

·         Bill collections of all mobile phone,

·         Telecom companies,

·         electricity distribution companies,

·         companies offering internet service,

·         municipalities’ water fee and taxation.

It is possible to upload the Fast Transit System card and tags, which enables passing bridges bounding Asia and Europe and usage of all highways of our country, from PTT post offices.

In our country, where there are no insurance agent, insurances can be made and insurance policies are received at a single service point.

In order to use cultural and art services, PTT provides citizens the opportunity to reach every book from all over Turkey and PTT Book service is offered by PTT.  These books are delivered free of charge to the disabled citizens from libraries to their residences.


Also, elderly and/or disabled citizens who can not leave their residences are not forgotten by PTT. PTT delivers their pensions and social aid payments at home. Therefore they do not need to come to post office.


Literature for the blind is also delivered by PTT.


All of our citizens and public institutions benefit from the single service point project for financial services. Because of this project PTT is known by all parties and is shown on the news on television and in newspapers. In 2012, PTT is the most mentioned administration among the public institutions  with more than 13.000 news reports.

The final step of this Project is transforming the post offices into a modern concept and presenting them as such customers. Through this,  comfort has been ensured in all our post offices and measures have been taken to help disabled customers visit our post offices easily.

PTTmatics were put into service. Thanks to PTTmatics, 24/7 uninterrrupted service is offered to our all customers.

With adding the Maestro card feature to PTTCards; transactions can be realized  from other domestic/international banks/ATMs and shopping can be done all over the world. Also through the common ATM Project; PTTMatics have become a payment point for all bank cards with  Visa/Mastercard  logos.

Universal postal services are now supported with improved technological studies. The excess personnel at PTT with the use of technology were new expertise through means training and seminars conducted at least twice a year. Moreover; as a result of the cooperation between universities, a part of the personnel entrusted with our project were recruited from colleges and were provided with  training in this field.

As a result of a survey analysis that was held on 36000 respondents, it was understood that our customers were pleased with our services at a ratio of 91.16%.

In 2011;  PTT was the place where the  highest money flow was ensured with 290 million transactions worth 90 billion 624 million USD and all investments are realized with the resources of Our  Administration. Along with PTT; our citizens, pensioners, our elderly people, disabled persons and our country have benefited  from this project.


PTT is a pioneer institution in Turkey with 38000 staff members with 76 million population.

Since 1840;  PTT has always been everywhere.

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